Powerful cleaner for plastic gun parts, long and short guns as well as gun cases and bags.

  • Thoroughly removes stubborn dirt, grease, soot/smoke and adhesive residues
  • Suitable for carbon and aluminium surfaces
  • Do not use on unpainted wooden surfaces
  • Biodegradable
Briefly spray the parts to be cleaned, leave to work in, wipe off with the Ballistol microfibre cloth green and leave to dry.

Tested and recommended by Steyr Arms
Sucol / Sucolin rifle cleansing tow With Sucol and Sucolin you have got just the right tow at hand for any kind of gun barrel, any calibre and any surface. Due to its enormous absorptive strength, dirt will be taken up by the tow and thus removed from the barrel in an ideal gentle way. If a particularly thorough cleaning should be necessary, we'd recommend Robla Solo MIL or Robla-Schwarzpulver-Solvent (Blackpowder Solvent). BALLISTOL or Gunex, however, is ideally used and suited for general cleaning processes.   The long fibres of Sucol and Sucolin make it easy to wind them round a cleaning stick. It goes without saying that it is equally simple to adapt the thickness to the diametre of the barrel. The tow is of course free from any dust or fluff, which makes it perfect for cleaning and polishing. For barrels of shotguns we recommend Sucol (gun-cleaning tow, flaxen) and for sub calibre and spherical barrels Sucolin (silk tow, white).
Quick browning is suitable for burnishing steel and iron without stains or for burnishing or restoring slight damage. Easy to use.

For a precise view

Ballistol Optics Cleaner is ideal for residue-free cleaning of optical surfaces and for preparing an anti-fog coating.

  • Removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from binoculars, riflescopes, glasses, sights and much more.
  • Suitable for plastic lenses
  • The Ballistol Optics Cleaner in the 30 ml spray bottle was developed in co-operation with Leica Sport Optics
  • Particularly suitable for high-quality optical devices

Application for a precise view

  1. Rinse off any coarse soiling on the lens with water first.
  2. Carefully remove light soiling with an optical brush or Ballistol Compressed Gas Cleaner.
  3. Then treat stubborn residues such as fingerprints or stains with the new Ballistol Optics Cleaner: Simply spray onto the lens and spread in a circular motion using a special microfibre cloth.
  4. For optimum results and an anti-fog effect, polish out the cleaner with the cloth.

Rubber cork for closing barrel and silencer during cleaning.

  • 3 pieces
  • Sizes 5-9x20 mm, 8-12x20 mm, 10,5-14,5x20 mm 

Trophy Bleaching

The memory of a particular shooting will possibly never fade away. The trophy, however, might not remain so undamaged and is likely to show signs of decline after a couple of years. But with the white colour of the skull and bones becoming yellow, the antlers do not look as good as they should.

By means of Trophy Bleaching the original condition of the skull and other bones can be fully restored and they will be purely white again so that you can enjoy the sight of the trophy again and keep your memories unspoiled.