• For Cleaning and degreasing brakes, brake discs and machine parts
  • Oils, fat, dirt and even dried-in, resinified oils and brake dust are removed effectively as well as graphite-, molybdenum-, copper- and aluminium assembly pastes
  • Eliminates smoothly organic residues by the power of the citrus fruit
  • Flushes off without residues
  • Does not contain acetone and has a pleasant odour
  • Perfect material suitability at lacquers, varnish and synthetic fibres
  • Spraystream- extra strong

For a precise view

Ballistol Optics Cleaner is ideal for residue-free cleaning of optical surfaces and for preparing an anti-fog coating.

  • Removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from binoculars, riflescopes, glasses, sights and much more.
  • Suitable for plastic lenses
  • The Ballistol Optics Cleaner in the 30 ml spray bottle was developed in co-operation with Leica Sport Optics
  • Particularly suitable for high-quality optical devices

Application for a precise view

  1. Rinse off any coarse soiling on the lens with water first.
  2. Carefully remove light soiling with an optical brush or Ballistol Compressed Gas Cleaner.
  3. Then treat stubborn residues such as fingerprints or stains with the new Ballistol Optics Cleaner: Simply spray onto the lens and spread in a circular motion using a special microfibre cloth.
  4. For optimum results and an anti-fog effect, polish out the cleaner with the cloth.
  • Set for professional cleaning of glass and mirror surfaces
  • Ideal for vehicle, household or industrial use
  • The beige waffle microfiber cloth is perfect for pre-cleaning to pick up coarse dirt (e.g. on window frames, windscreens and shop windows)
  • The blue silk-like microfiber cloth is ideal for polishing glass surfaces without leaving streaks
  • High absorbency
  • Streak-free shine without water stains
  • Good grip, lint- and silicone-free
  • Material: 80 % polyester and 20 % polyamide
  • Base weight/GSM: Honeycomb microfiber cloth 250 g/m², Glass microfiber cloth 290g/m²
  • Size: Waffle microfiber cloth 40 x 50 cm, glass microfiber cloth 35 x 60 cm
  • Washable at 60 °C for multiple use
  • Environmental-friendly packed in a folding box with Euro punchhole and window (Language information on the folding box: DE/EN/FR/IT/NL/RU)
Resistant, highly absorbent and dry universal cloths. Suitable for almost all liquid Ballistol products.
Quick cleaning and paint care for all types of vehicles and two-wheelers.

With a microfibre patch you can control your cleaning result.

  • Higher efficiency (compared to cotton) - Optimised microfibre that holds oil and dirt equally - High absorbency combined with high strength - Excellent for checking the cleaning result after cleaning with barrel cleaning felts.
Versatile intensive cleaner with special formula. Provides excellent cleaning performance for a long-lasting, streak-free shine.
The BALLISTOL Fireplace and Stove Cleaner cleans stove windows safely, automatically, without leaving any residue and in a matter of seconds.
  • Removes dust, lint and finest particles
  • Can be used to clean difficult accessible spots
  • Sensitive objects are treated with care
  • Maximum efficiency due to the use of a special gas
  • Usable volume of gas approx. 80 litre (Compressed air only 5 liters)

Typical ranges of application:

  • Cameras, prime lenses, photo lenses/accessories, microscopes and optical equipment
  • Computer, keyboards, printer, USB ports...
  • Hi-fi/ audio equipmentand record player
  • Electronic switches and modules
  • Useful in laboratories and companies