BALLISTOL Universaloil|VarioFlex Spray 350 ml
The silencer cleaner dissolves and neutralises combustion residues. Silencers are particularly difficult to clean if they can not be dismantled. Although carbon silencers with narrow sections on fins and small holes improve the performance of the silencer, the silencer cleaning is much more difficult . With the Ballistol silencer cleaner, the residues in the dirty silencer can be easily cleaned out. Suitable also for use in a sonic cleaner. SELF-CLEANING • ODOURLESS • GENTLE ON MATERIALS The surfactant-containing, acid-free and odourless silencer cleaner dissolves and neutralises combustion residues automatically without the use of further tools. Contains rust protection additives. Dissolves and neutralises combustion residues automatically Protects against rust due to high-quality additive Contains surfactants Gentle on materials Acid-free and odourless Colour change as a dissolving indicator No need for further tools Optional rubber cork available to seal the silencer &nb

BALSIN Stock Oil

Balsin Stockoil
- brittle and weather-beaten wood becomes water-repellent and weatherproof again without losing its natural respiratory activity. Simultaneously, Balsin Stockoil regenerates and intensifies the veining of the wood and gives it a darker shade. Balsin Stockoil is ideal for rugged and decayed wooden stocks of all kinds;a must in the hands of the gunsmith and gunowner.

Balsin Stockoil provides even old, brittle and rugged wooden stocks with fine silky luster again. Protects against decay and fungus, intensifies the veining and endorses resistance and stability by means of a special silicone formula.

    BALLISTOL Universal Oil The universal oil - well-tried and unequalled! For maintaining metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animals' coat and much more. Ideally suited for handicraft, industry, agriculture, household, gardening, vehicles, fishing, hunting and shooting sports. MetalBALLISTOL is widely used in the precision gauge and tool industry and in the production of scales and other precision instruments. BALLISTOL provides a protective alkaline film on the surface of metals, neutralises hand sweat and other acid corrosive residues so that the surface is protected of corrosion. Due to its low surface tension, it is capable of creeping into the tiniest cracks and fissures of metal surfaces. It cleans and makes silver and brass shiny. Brilliant for the upkeep of tools and instruments in the field of precision mechanics. LeatherBALLISTOL effectively protects leather against getting hard and dry, against water, insects and fungi. Residues of tann
  • For re-filling with BALLISTOL products, like Ballistol Universal oil, Ballistol Animal, ProTec....
  • Capacity of the bottle: 650ml
  • Adjustable regulating nozzle, adjustment from fog to jet
  • Spray nozzle suitable for all 500ml oil bottles