• For non-ferrous heavy metals
  • Abrasion-proof, spotless and antique appearance
  • Light yellow brass surfaces will by dyed to a very dark brown
  • Adjust application time due to required shade
  • Aqueous solution
  • For Cleaning and degreasing brakes, brake discs and machine parts
  • Oils, fat, dirt and even dried-in, resinified oils and brake dust are removed effectively as well as graphite-, molybdenum-, copper- and aluminium assembly pastes
  • Eliminates smoothly organic residues by the power of the citrus fruit
  • Flushes off without residues
  • Does not contain acetone and has a pleasant odour
  • Perfect material suitability at lacquers, varnish and synthetic fibres
  • Spraystream- extra strong
  • Care, maintenance and protection of industrial machinery and garage equipment, precision tools, apparatus, forms and punching tools
  • For lubricating thread machines / cutting machines
  • Ideal for long-therm preservation, even at high air humidity and aggressive ambient air
  • Contains no waxes
  • Long time rust protection
  • Displaces moisture
  • Eliminates squeaking and creaking
  • Use to free tight fittings, plugs and joint connections
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to +150°C
  • Can be used in industry and wokshops, for all kinds of vehicles, on ships or boats, for fishing gear and agricultural machinery as well as household and garden


Siliconespray is a convincing novelty in the realm of aerosol technology. This composition, which is silicone enriched, lubricates and preserves parts made of gum, polymers, plastic and metals.

It offers absolute compatibility with all materials and stocks used in engineering, industry and automobiles. It is well-tested with plastic gear-wheels, plastic transmissions, gum bearings, guide rails, trolleys and guideways as well as with cable winches, gum rails, window sealings and softgum sealings in cardoors.