Wellness Body Care Oil

Wellness Body Care Oil

Sanddorn Vital

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Content: 100 ml

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Product Information

BALLISTOL wellness oils are manufactured with the basis of natural plant oils and genuine ethereal oils. Grape seed, rice and jojoba oils care for the skin with their valuable substances. They enter into the skin easily, supplying it with moisture and leaving behind a comfortable, supple feeling. Plant oils support the skin functions and assist with the regeneration of stressed and dry skin. They act as a protective layer against external influences. The skin becomes noticeably smoother and more even.

The aromatic fragrances of the oils have a beneficial effect on both body and soul. BALLISTOL wellness oils are also suited to sensitive skin as they have virtually no side effects. It goes without saying that they are free of synthetic fragrances, colourings and preservatives. Experience magical moments with the BALLISTOL wellness oils and discover your favourite oil!

Sanddorn Vital contains valuable sallow thorn oil. Lends the skin vitality and makes it supple and resistant at the same time.

Due to their biological ingredients, our wellness oils have been awarded with the distinction of ‘very good’ in dermatological tests.